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What Students are saying.......

Gayle Baker - Annapolis, Maryland

I took two semesters of aerobic training from Robyn Wallwork and was very pleased with my results. Robyn incorporates smart training techniques with lots of fun which makes a workout so much more enjoyable. I found myself surprised that an hour of hard training had gone by so quickly! My body is more toned and I lost ten pounds! I am sixty five years old and have been taking aerobics for most of my life but can honestly say I've never had so much fun or such terrific results from any previous trainer!

Vonnie Calloway - Edgewater, Maryland

I hate to exercise, I hate to exercise, I hate to exercise.  This truly was my refrain for years.  Then came Robyn.  

I enrolled in one of her classes and then enrolled in two of her classes.  As they say, I had an attitude adjustment. Robyn brings a sense of fun and "you can do it" to each class.  As a bonus she introduces you to your body and how each movement affects and effects the body.  I loved the music she chose and it too helped motivate me. Robyn's infectious and joyful personality encourages, pushes and leads to an hour well worth being a part of.     Annapolis' loss is Idaho Falls' gain.  Enjoy her as I know she will enjoy each of you.

Martha Jessie - Annapolis, Maryland

Robyn is a dynamic exercise instructor who has successfully helped her students to achieve a healthy and productive life through diet and exercise. Her knowledge and expertise are apparent in her methods of teaching. Her pleasant and positive attitude provides an enjoyable workout.  Robyn is an outstanding teacher.

Regine Tabler - Edgewater, Maryland

I took classes with Robyn in Maryland. She is a wonderful teacher who really gives her class a good workout. I already miss her and envy the people in her class in Idaho.

Patricia Jackson - Edgewater, Maryland

Robyn taught our fitness classes in Annapolis, MD. It is her energy and enthusiasm that first catches you up into wanting to move and move well.  While you are having a great time, Robyn pushes you a little harder and she teaches what your body can do.


And what you come to feel and recognize is that she really cares about teaching and about you. She pays attention to each of the members of the class and when she notices someone is having difficulty with a move, she will modify the move or give direction on how it should be done.

Robyn is knowledgable in anatomy teaching you exercises that work each muscle group making your comprehensive workout satisfying.Her consciously crafted routines challenge you which allows for individual progression.


Her dance training is evident in her choreography and in her joy in sharing movement with her students. She designs dances that are easy to follow and challenging at the same time. It is a thrill when you can complete the whole dance not missing a step!


Robyn knows what she is doing and loves what she does. She shares that knowledge and love with her students. It makes her a great teacher.

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