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Performing Arts Preschool


Child Development Center

Discover the world of "whole child" development! We offer a complete preschool experience - - one that builds numeracy and literacy skills as well as creative talents through the integration of daily performing arts classes.

Research shows that cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development is enhanced when learning is combined with dance, music and drama.


At BEST FOOT FORWARD Performing Arts Preschool and Child Development Center, we seek to develop the whole child. Not just for a successful transition to Kindergarten, but to take his/her place in a world that will reward insight, creativity and "whole mind" thinking -- qualities our children already possess and are waiting to be nurtured. 

It has been shown in study after study that children who are exposed to the arts at an early age are better learners, problem solvers and all-around students.  They excel throughout their school careers and the rest of their lives because having a foundation in the arts teaches them to use their entire brain. The Preschool is founded on the proven belief that children benefit when arts and academics are given equal importance in education. 

We strive to promote this belief throughout our school by providing a fun, safe and quality all-around education for our students, their families and our community.  Our students learn to work together as a community, problem solve and express themselves through the arts while preparing for elementary school.

Whether in our daily classes, our twice annual recitals or our fun community days, it is our goal to instill a lifelong love of learning in our students by teaching them to find their unique voice and to use it in creative ways.

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