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Fitness Tuition

Get Ready to Achieve your goals this year! Being healthy is what it's all about. We love fitness and everything about it. You can tell that we love to eat, but we also love to exercise. Exercise makes you feel good about life, enables you to handle situations that arise, and can be really fun. 

We are so positive that you are going to love our class, that we are offering the first 4 classes FREE! After that,10 class punch cards can be purchased for $25. Yes, that's only $2.50 a class, where you can come (child and worry free) and spend some time on YOU! 

Class Descriptions

"On The Go" Cardio - is an upbeat, energetic aerobics class that is sure to get your body moving. A great workout for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this class combines cardiovascular training and toning exercises, for a superior total body workout.

Stretch - is a great way to work out stiff and tired muscles as well as increase flexibility and balance. Here are some of the benefits of stretching:

  • Increases flexibility in the joints

  • Provides better circulation to the muscles and joints being stretched

  • Energy level is increased

  • Improved coordinated movements

Senior Fitness - just because this class is for the Young at Heart doesn't mean the pace isn't upbeat and energetic! Students work at their own pace while enjoying the great music, and working out with old or new friends.

Fit Ball -  This is a non-aerobic class that uses a large air filled ball for strength, flexibility and balanced exercises. Great for toning arms, abs, and legs.

Step Aerobics - aerobics that involves repeatedly stepping on and off a raised platform —called also step training. The benefits of step aerobics are:

  • It is a fun and low-impact exercise with amazing results.

  • It helps burn out a huge amount of calories.

  • It speeds up the process of effective weight loss.

  • It tones up quite a few major muscles in our body, including the ones present in the butt and leg areas.

  • It increases the flexibility of our body over time.

  • It helps in improving balance as well as endurance.

Flex & Strength - flexibility is the most important part of fitness training, as it allows you to bend and move freely. Strength training enhances flexibility and is designed to increase lean muscle tissue, improve structural strength, decrease excess body fat, increase endurance, and provide several additional physical and psychological benefits.

Chair Fitness - Don't be fooled: This workout firms and burns much more than you'd think! Designed for students with limited mobility, people recovering from injury, seniors, baby boomers and everyone else.

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