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Kamber Turner - Idaho Falls, Idaho

Miss Katie was just what my daughter needed. My daughter is extremely shy to the point that leaving the house is difficult. Miss Katie helped her feel comfortable and loved and gave her the opportunity to feel confidence in her progress. What a miracle to see my little girl smiling and performing on stage. I am so grateful for Katie’s talents and passion for the arts and especially that she shared and passed on that gift to my children. We LOVE Miss Katie!

James Mazzarella - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I worked with Robyn Wallwork for three years, both of us teaching at the Northbridge International School of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Robyn was our elementary music and performing arts teacher here, and I can honestly say that, in my more than thirty years in education, she was the best at her job of anyone I have worked with.

Robyn has an excellent knowledge of all facets of teaching music to young children, excelling in dance and in organizing performances. These performances gave every child a chance to ‘shine’, and the results were a delight to them, the other children, parents and the school staff. Robyn’s work ethic is remarkable, and there were many, many examples of her taking on responsibilities, un-asked, that were a great help to her students and her colleagues. Perhaps most importantly, Robyn has a kind and empathetic heart, and was always there to offer her help to students, staff and members of the Cambodian community who she came to know here.




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