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Don't Let your child's creative education STOP once they get to Kindergarten! Keep their learning fire glowing by enrolling them in our Kindergarten Club.

WHY Kindergarten Club? Kindergarten Club is for children of parents who recognize the creative needs of their children in whole brain learning and want their child to continue meaningful education integrated and enhanced with performing arts. This is a private Kindergarten with a maximum of 12 children.


WHEN is Kindergarten Club? In our 2021/2022 Season, we will be offering creative, hands-on classes Monday-Thursday afternoons 1:00-4:00pm.


WHAT is the curriculum? Students will begin each day with Dance, Music or Drama to wake them up mentally and physically; stimulating their creativity and preparing them to learn. Structure is in disguise as children are engaged in hands on learning as they build numeracy and literary skills. S.T.E.A.M activities tap into the child's imagination and discovery using hands on experiments. Children will learn empathy and service with community out reach projects. 

Give your child an extension of their Kindergarten experience with added creative activities and friendships. Maximum 12 students. 

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