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Broadway Kids is an after-school program that brings the performing arts to the schools giving children ages 5-12 an opportunity to learn the core elements theater.  Instructors mentor and guide the students through the creative process. At the end of each 8 to 10 week session, students will demonstrate what they have created through a musical production. 

The class includes exploration in character development using theater games plus song and dance numbers enabling students to participate as Musical Theater performers. Classes begin with physical and vocal warm-ups to help students focus and prepare. They will also be introduced to the importance of staging, lighting, costuming and make-up. 


The Broadway Kids program believes there is a place in the theatre for every child. Productions are tailored to accommodate the students, ensuring that every child is cast in their own unique role whether on or off the stage. Audition techniques are taught, but auditions are never held for the productions. We promote a spirit of cooperation and teamwork rather than competition.  This approach promotes a positive experience for every student, where confidence and self-esteem are developed through involvement in the performing arts.

Our ultimate goal is to help students develop well balanced life-skills, such as communication, risk taking, inquiry, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and self-confidence that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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