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Thank You for a perfect ending to our successful run in Idaho Falls!

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Performing Arts Preschool

I am closing my cute preschool business in Idaho Falls as I am going on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have loved all of the children I have taught and their families. I bid you a very fond farewell. Love, Ms. Robyn

Imagine * Discover * Create

Heading 1

Pretending to guard the Queen Bee

Active hands-on imagination awakens connections with the world around us.

Fire station tour

The children delighted in performing for the firemen.

Who doesn't like bubbles?

Bubbles can float high, some bubbles float to the ground, most are popped.


Painting stimulates the brain as one carefully chooses the choice of color, then dips, strokes, hoping not to make too big of a mess.


Teaching children to love the earth and the wonders it can grow.

Reading to children

Ahhh, the imagination of books when shared by an adult.

Snack Time

Healthy snacks and great conversation.

Working together

Working together allows children the social and emotional development that is necessary in the world.

Sink or Float

I wonder why some things sink and other things float?


Cognitive and physical development comes in all varieties.

Pirate Day

Arg, to be a pirate!


Balancing strengthens muscles and keeps your mind alert.


Puzzles work the brain as shapes, colors and pictures come into play.


Even children can make simple food items.


The exhilaration of dance and movement makes a heart soar with joy!

Meet The Team


Child Development Director

Performing Arts Center Director

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